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CSUITE is the first software application of Factory Physics' powerful and practical scientific framework, the first software suite to optimize existing Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and technology investments and the first software suite to identify and plug the critical functional gaps in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and their implementation

With CSUITE's practical framework improving profitability and cash flow have never been easier. CSUITE's intuitive approach helps you quickly realize profitability gains.


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  CSUITE Operations Analytics Software by Factory Physics  

Welcome to CSUITE Operations Analytics Software from Factory Physics Inc. With CSUITE's practical framework, improving profitability and cash flow has never been easier.

CSUITE is a comprehensive operations performance solution that:

• Determines how well a business is running against best possible performance. CSUITE visually displays how close performance is to the "Efficient Frontier."

• Rapidly models cycle time and capacity performance to determine impact from product mix or process changes.

• Identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes performance improvement opportunities and clearly reports expected increases in cash flow and profit.

• Models the impact of performance improvements in advance of capital/resource investment providing predictive control of future performance and planning.

• Integrates improvements into existing management systems (training, change management, information technology) to ensure sustainability.


Best Performance Benchmarking
CSUITE includes a visual benchmarking capability that allows you to instantly see where your performance levels are relative to your best possible performance. The benchmark reports show, graphically, where your inventory and throughput levels are relative to your best possible levels. CSUITE's graphical benchmark reports make it easy for all stakeholders to quickly identify and quantify the magnitude of improvement opportunities.

Robust 'What if' Analysis
CSUITE's algorithms quantify the trade-off costs for important operation design decisions. For example, CSUITE measures the dollar amounts at stake when setting inventory policies, lot sizes, reorder points and quantities. CSUITE's powerful 'what if' capability changes the operations management paradigm from 'reactionary' to predictive.

Award-Winning Modeling Methodology
CSUITE's modeling capabilities are built using the Factory Physics principles and designed by the co-author of the award winning book. IEEE awarded its prestigious Book of the Year to "Factory Physics". CSUITE bridges the gap between the lessons found in the textbook "Factory Physics" and successful application of these powerful and practical principles. CSUITE was developed by the folks that wrote the book on the science of manufacturing performance.

Flexible Modeling Options
CSUITE's modeling capability is built on the principle that one size does not fit all. What works for an automotive company is unlikely to work for a food manufacturer and vice versa. With this in mind, the engineers of CSUITE have designed the modeling capability to address all the nuances and complexity of your unique business.

Innovative Optimization Techniques
CSUITE's optimization provides the clearest path to your best strategy and resulting policies. CSUITE shows all of the optimal values for inventory, capacity and service levels on a single curve allowing you to measure the tradeoffs, click your strategy and generate the optimal policies. CSUITE's optimization is powerful and easy to use.



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